spain 2020

the project 2020 is cancelled! But we're already busy planning the next one!


head south!

this year with Eurythmy in Progress we're „following the sun“ to spain. In between palmtrees, the beach and sea, we're happy to offer another diverse program all about eurythmy. You will travel to the beautiful Altea and will get the opportunity to experience eurythmy together with other young and interested people.

we are happy to announce...

...that yet again we are able to introduce a great youth eurythmy project this year. Rob Barendsma and Bart-Jeroen Kool managed to arrange an artistic, diverse, colourful and challenging program for you.

short description:
Together with other teenagers and our choreographers you will be rehearsing for three weeks. After that time you will show the development together with a live orchestra in front of a big audience.



date: 10th of july - 1st of august 2020
location: altea, spain
attendance fee: 560€
registration fee: 25€
age: 16 - 25 years

included in the 560€ is the artistic work, housing and food

requirements for participants:
you should be able to either speak German or English
there is no need for any experience with eurythmy


  • you will be living in the rooms of the waldorf school

  • there will be an open common space for talking, singing, making music and socializing

  • we will have vegetarian food

  • there will be a first aid station

  • please bring an air mattress/ camping mat and your sleeping bag 


register now!

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Bart-Jeroen Kool

Born in Den Haag in the Netherlands. After his degree in pedagogy he studied eurythmy at the "Eurithmie Academie" in Den Haag. After this, teaching eurythmy in Zeist and directing the "Dutch-Eurythmy-Ensemble".  From 2006 onwards, professor at Euritmie Academie Hogeschool, Leiden. Since 2012 he is professor for eurythmy at the "Alanus Hochschule Alfter". 

Bart-Jeroen did many solo performances and made his appearances in several international eurythmy ensembles. Since 2009 he also works as freelance choreographer on international projects: "Frau Holle" 2010,  "Zwiesprache" 2012, "Aufheben" 2012, "Fünf mal Ich" 2013. Bart-Jeroen is married to Edwige, is the father of three children and stepfather of two. They all live happily together in Holland.

Rob Barendsma

Born near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Started at a very young age to study music at the “Music-Lyceum” in Amsterdam and modern dance at the conservatory in Rotterdam. 

At the age of 21 he moved to Berlin to study musical therapy and eurythmy. Rob works as instructor in eurythmy trainings in Berlin, Hamburg and Alfter for many years. He is always involved in different projects literally everywhere. Since the late eighties he also works as freelance choreographer and costume designer for theater, musicals and television, as well as shows and parades for adventure parks all over the world. 

During the past two and a half years, Rob was responsible for the costume design and several choreographies in the new production of Faust I and II at the Goetheanum, Dornach. Rob has lived in Spain for 16 years. 

Luca Steinweg

Studies at the “Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft” eurythmy (BA). Luca was a student at the Waldorf school Hamburg-Bergstedt and know the place like his own pocket, also he was part of the EiP project 2017, that’s why he will be taking the role of the janitor. Besides that he will help Dinah with organising activities for your free time and he will be your person of contact.


Jana Maria Schrader

in progress

Ilmarin Fradley

During the project Ilmarin manages the finances, advertising and communication. Besides that, he keeps an overview of everything. So, if you lose your orientation, the office is a good place to go to.

Nadja Dillmann

Studying eurythmy at the “Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft”. During the project she keeps an overall view and calms down confused artists when the get a bit stressed out. Furthermore, she will be looking after our online presence and marketing of the project.

Niklas Tischer

in progress


about us

our vision

what do we want to tell the world?

"Eurythmy in Progress" is a independent initiative for young people to get to know eurythmy as a stand-alone art and have intercultural experiences.
Every year in July/August we want to create a participative framework for about 50 young people in the age of 16 – 23 from different cultures and languages, known or unknown to eurythmy, to work together.
A performance at the end concludes the experienced time.
The participants will work on a two-hour art-program on the basis of classical music and a few speech elements. A respectful interaction and social behavior is our biggest concern.
Art-projects in this manner shape our whole life as far as our career choices or spiritual and emotional willingness to meet other people without any prejudice.
Artistic work allows to master difficult challenges like language barriers or cultural borders together.

the team

Jana Maria Schrader

Projektmanagement, Büro und Marketing


Rob Barendsma

Künstlerische Leitung


Bart-Jeroen Kool

Künstlerische Leitung


Ilmarin Fradley

Projektmanagement, Finanzen, Büro und Marketing


Nadja Dillmann




we're happy about every contribution...

...which allows us to realize our project.this project exclusively works becuase of donations!at this point we want to say thank you to everyone who helps making this great peoject possible!

If you like us, help us to make the project happen again.

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VR-Bank Bonn eG
IBAN: DE86 3816 0220 6502 6160 20


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